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"When we truly awaken, it isn't always like a bomb going off. Sometimes, it's subtle & quiet ~ like a whispering" ~ ©️2012 KAR

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The EnergyVoyant Nurse™️ 

Take a Deep Breath ...

you're OM now

Since I was quite young, I've seen & interacted with spirits, and have been able to see other people's energy fields. There was no reason to question these abilities because I thought everyone experienced them. As I matured, I realized I may have been wrong ~ it seemed that not everyone could see auras or into other realms, so I stopped disclosing and the ability to 'see' into other realms closed down. 

I felt almost ashamed of having a "sixth sense", as it was named.


I didn't realize that everyone is born with these abilities, but many of us are hesitant or afraid to reveal our ability for many reasons; or we simply deny them to 'fit in' with the societal paradigms that are taught to us from an early age.

For the last two decades, I've been integrating Western, Eastern & holisitic therapies, bringing enhanced balance & renewed energy into practice as a Registered Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher. 

From workshops, classes & meditation groups to energy healings, hypnotherapy & psychic/medium readings; these sessions are designed to assist others in learning how to balance & integrate all aspects of life, and to increase inner peace for myself and others, despite the chaotic outer world.

These spiritual, energetic & psychological adjustments have helped me on my own healing journey to feel & be energized, peaceful & healthy. My connection to my Spirit Team (God, Angels, Guides, etc.) has assisted me in healing my Inner Child to the point of feeling at peace, even in the midst of chaos.

Now, I'm offering this opportunity so others can learn to connect with their higher self and Spirit Team, and also learn the techniques and spiritual practices that have helped me on my own personal healing journey. 

Come join me in learning and growing into loving, peaceful human beings. 


Our world is shifting and changing rapidly, and it's a blessing to connect with others on their journey to their authentic self. We are all on individual paths of personal development and enlightenment, and the journey is sacred and blessed by our Higher Power, the Creator.

And we are all pure and unadulterated Love energy ~ we are all being called to heal through the many shifts of Mother Earth and beyond.

It's Time.

Let YOUR Love Light Shine!  

I'm honored to assist you in bringing peace, healing and Love home to your Self.

You deserve to be radiant, joyful and free!

My name is Kat &

I am 

The EnergyVoyant Nurse™️



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Let the beauty of what you Love be what you do

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