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Nurses with Reiki: A Light Blog

Hi my dear Light Friends! I'm a Registered Nurse who practices Reiki, Energy healing and other holistic practices, hoping that nurses everywhere will someday realize the benefits of Energy Healing and expansiveness for themselves and their patients. Wellness pointers, Ascension updates, self-care suggestions, spiritual discussions, psychic & mediumship information and more ... Reiki Enhances Everything! Let YOUR Love Light Shine!

My original blog can be found on the web on Blogspot.

We hold the Universe in our hands ~ and we harness that power through our connection to Spirit

I started this blog to increase awareness of the Ascension process that is happening on Mother Earth and within Humanity, during this very auspicious time in history ...

My dear Light Friends & visitors: Please leave your comments, suggestions or kudos on any of the blog posts on this site.

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