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What is Reiki?

Energy is Everything. Everything is Energy.

Reiki, pronounced "Ray - Key", translates from its original Japanese to English literally meaning "God-Conscious Life Force." Reiki energy goes where it needs to go and heals what needs to be healed.

The Reiki practitioner channels this vibrant energy from the "Hands of God", or the Universe, and into the client. Scientific experiments have verified the existence of this "life force energy" and medical professionals are continuously considering the role that energy plays in the healthy functioning of our bodies, as well as the role it plays in the healing processes of our bodies.

The recipients of Reiki energy can feel the flow – the energy has been described by recipients in a number of terms, including: warm, tingly, zingy, cool, flowing, electric, cool, etc. 

Reiki is a non-invasive hands-free energy and is now being revived around the world. Reiki is not about religion or doctrine. It can be spiritual in nature, but there are no hard, fast rules or philosophies attached to Reiki energy. Reiki simply IS.

When a practitioner channels (also called 'beaming') the Universal energy, its powerful healing properties activate the energy centers (chakras) within the body. The body is consequently reminded of its ability to heal physical ailments, the mind opens to the causes of disease, and the spirit opens to the opportunity of taking responsibility for one's life and the joys of balanced wellness. 

These three components: Body, Mind, and Spirit unite to become one in a powerful healing trilogy, relaxing the physical body, usually into a state of peace, serenity, and bliss.

Reiki energy is open and available to all of us and can even be given to help mechanical items function better. Items such as cars, computers, and other machines can be imbued with Reiki Energy, so that they provide appropriate and safe travel for us in the every day functions and operations of each. 

There is unlimited potential in how Reiki can be used to facilitate healing, enhance health care, and create a positive, balanced sense of well being in every Life. 

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